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Modern Art Photograph

924 N Killingsworth Ct
Portland, OR 97217
ph: 503-481-7947
alt: By Appointment Only

Welcome to Modern Art Photograph

My studio is currently available for wedding photography engagement photography and bridal photography in the greater Portland area, the United States, and abroad. Please feel free to look around and check out the examples of my work. If you like what you see I would be happy to work with you.

Whether you are in Portland or abroad, if you would like to view more examples of my work we can arrange a booking appointment in person or over the phone where you can view complete weddings, photo shoots, and albums, as well as discuss package pricing in detail.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my work or availability.

Your favorite place to spend time together or the very place you became engaged will be forever transformed into a powerful fine art print for you and your family to enjoy. Not sure where to have your engagement photos taken? Lets shoot at a few spots.

Portland Bridal Photography

Photography by Portland Wedding Photographer Robert Knapp

Modern Art Photograph, Portland wedding photographers

Boutique bridal photography available by appointment.
This Hood River wedding brought us some spectacular views of Mt hood. What better location for a bridal shoot. We are based out of Portland but we are glad to be your wedding photographer in Hood River or any other location in the area.

This custom engagement photography style is so easy and absolutely gorgeous. This shoot took about 30 minutes and produced about 70 spectacular photographs. Romantic color and black and white silhouette engagement photography will let everyone see how vibrant your love is. Please take some time to enjoy some of my latest work.

Wedding Photography is just the beginning. The photos we create together on your wedding day are going to be so much more than just photographs. From the beginning of the day to the end of the reception. I will be there to document your wedding in a creative photojournalist style that you will be able to appreciate for generations to come. At each wedding I will take around 500 to 1000 photographs and my time is unlimited. You will not pay extra to have me photograph your entire wedding from start to finish.

Your wedding album can contain any amount of graphic design and layout you choose. Your photos can be just straight photographs or we can push the limits a little and add a little art that seems to fit tastefully with the theme of your wedding.

Portland Wedding Photographer Availability

Portland Wedding Photographers Pricing


Photography by Portland Wedding Photographer Robert Knapp

Modern Art Photograph, Portland wedding photographers

Breathtaking observations of the most beautiful day of your life. Outdoor wedding Photography that just comes to life in our custom bound oversize wedding albums. Contact us for information about Portland wedding photographers and booking your wedding with a Portland wedding photographer.


Multnomah Falls Engagement Shoot

Photography by Portland Wedding Photographer Robert Knapp

Modern Art Photograph, Portland wedding photographers

Spectacular engagement photography all shot on location with you. No stuffy studio photos will do for us when we have locations like this all over town.


Photography by Portland Wedding Photographer Robert Knapp

Modern Art Photograph, Portland wedding photographers

A Little bit Classy, a little bit fun, definitely all you. Wedding photography that truly captures who you are together.

Modern Art Photograph Wedding Photography is not limited to just Portland. I will be happy to photograph your wedding any place you choose to have it. Feel free to contact us for information about Portland wedding photographers and booking your wedding with a Portland wedding photographer.


Show the world how much you love each other with a romantic engagement shoot.

We can shoot your engagment photos any place you like. Perhaps even the spot you were engaged. We can go out to the Waterfalls in the mountains, to the beach or the rose garden.

Please enjoy these photos from my recent urban waterfront engagement shoot. These two Light up the room together and it really shows.

Modern art photograph is a boutique Portland wedding photography studio specializing in complete custom wedding photography packages.

The Portland wedding photographer you've been looking for.

Portland Weddings may just be getting more beautiful every day.

Spring is finally here! The first Portland weddings are happening and everyone is enjoying the warm weather. Take advantage of a free romantic engagement shoot. All of my Portland engagement photo shoots are shot on location. Together we will instantly transform your garden or balcony into the most romantic location in town.

Here are a few photographs from the wedding reception and an angelic portrait in the freshly fallen snow. Imagine your own winter wedding ceremony in front of a roaring fire.

My work as a wedding photographer is unique and warm. My approach is unobtrusive and full of remarkable observation. I have no standard list of wedding photographs that will be taken at each ceremony. Each wedding is photographed in a way that brings your personality and taste together with creative wedding photography.

Smooth Elegant Wedding Photography

You know your wedding album will be what you look back on over the generations. The wedding albums I offer are heirloom quality hand crafted Italian leather. The album is filled with your selection of up to 120 of the 1000 photographs taken at your wedding. I don't send your photos off to be edited by a lab. I edit each photo by hand. I print each image with precision and I mount each photograph into your album with care. Wedding photography is what I love to do. Feel free to contact us for information about Portland wedding photographers and booking your wedding with a Portland wedding photographer.

Modern Art Photograph, masterfully artful images of your wedding. Weddings of all sizes, from the simple and informal to the most elegant.


Thirteen years of experience as a professional photographer shooting romantic portraits, small alternative wedding ceremonies and large formal weddings. Every wedding style and religious affiliation is welcomed.


Booking your Portland Wedding Photographer

At the booking appointment we will have plenty of wedding albums for you to look over.

In our opinion the best way to gauge a wedding photographer’s work is to view plenty of complete weddings, proofs and all. You have to see all the photos to know what you will truly be coming home with.

The booking appointment gives us a chance to know each other. We can learn about all the details of your wedding and you can get a feel for the type of work we do.

Modern Art Photograph will book clients for wedding photography on a first come first serve basis. You are encouraged to book your wedding as soon as possible to ensure that your date is available.

Once the deposit for your wedding has been received your date is booked. No other weddings will be booked on your date. We will then draw up a contract for your wedding. The contract is not full of legal double talk. It is there to protect us both. Basically it says you will pay for the services that Modern Art Photograph will provide on a given date and that we both will own the rights to the photographs.

Questions about Portland wedding photographers?

Contact us at Modern Art Photograph for more info about finding a Portland Wedding Photographer.


Wedding planning and your Wedding photography

Some weddings are spontaneous with an “everything goes” attitude. There may be a rough outline of the day but everything just happens in its own time. Photojournalist Wedding Photography is especially important for these types of weddings. With a respectful distance in mind our lighting staff and I are on their toes capturing all the special moments of your wedding day as they happen.

Some weddings are planned down to the moment. Some couples know each and every photograph that they want to have in their album. Planning out your wedding photography coverage is the best way to get the most out of this type of wedding style. Together we will create an agenda for the wedding photography that will seamlessly weave into the schedule for your day. Every detail will be captured in all its perfection.

Regardless of your approach to wedding planning your entire wedding will be captured in my unique and creative style. From the preparation of the bridal party to the toss of the bouquet each and every moment is photographed for you to remember. Modern Art Photograph will be glad to help you plan every photograph you want.


Engagement Photography

Engagement photography is usually shot shortly after you’re booking appointment. Engagement photos can be a very romantic way to let everyone you know that you are finally engaged. It can also be a great way for us to become comfortable working together well before the wedding. I offer the shoot for free to my booked wedding clients and offer the prints for sale after the shoot.

Engagement photos are usually rather informal. There are a few different ways of going about getting the best photos from our shoot. Some people just naturally are photogenic. These lucky few need very little coaching on what is beautiful. Then there are the rest of us. And that’s where I come in. It is truly amazing to me how subtle little changes in posture and angles can change the entire mood of the image. With the right angle average can turn to amazing and with the right light we can create the mood you want to convey.

The engagement photography should be unique and inspired by the things that you both love. The location of your shoot should speak to you. Visually appealing locations are nice but sentimental locations are just as important. The place where you met or the spot where you became engaged may not be the breath taking “photo op” but your love for the spot and my use of the light we can bring any location to life.

If you are interested in scheduling an engagement photo shoot get in touch with us directly at Modern Art Photograph .


Bridal Photography

Bridal Photographs are photographs of the bride and sometimes the groom, usually in the wedding dress shot months before the wedding. The photographs themselves are meant to be used to promote your wedding to your friends and family. These photos should always be custom and shot on location. Your style and taste should come through clearly. They can be so truly spectacular and angelic.

Imagine your bridal photos shot in glowing yellow and white light sunset light in the dunes on the coast, Or even in the forest surrounded by snow capped conifers and craggy mountain peaks. They can be hard and industrial surrounded in metal and darkness or the deep greens of the forest and fields. Bridal Photography can be a tasteful addition to your home or the reception table at your wedding or your wedding invitations and web site.

Looking for high end fashion production bridal photography? Let’s put your wedding vendors to work, create a real red carpet event out of a few freebies and get some great photos doing it! Most wedding vendors want to show you how well they can do the job. In order to do that, most wedding vendors will offer a free appointment for their clients to try out their service a few months before the wedding. The florist, the hair stylist, the makeup artist, perhaps evens the venue, all the more vendors you involve the better. Invite your bridesmaids along and bring a bottle or two of your favorite champagne and you have the ingredients for a great afternoon.

The booking appointment, the planning appointment, the bridal and engagement photography all build up to your big day. The more we plan together. The more finished work you see from the studio of yourself and family. The more you know what to expect of how we work. The more comfortable we will be working together and the happier you will be with your Modern Art Photograph .

If you are interested in scheduling a bridal photo shoot get in touch with us today at Modern Art Photograph .


Wedding Day Photography

The albums we have in our studio will show you all the details we capture but here is a little information about a typical wedding day with Portland Wedding Photography Design.

We begin with the bride.

Photographing the Bride

We arrive at the bride’s suite or location shortly after the hair and makeup have started. We focus on detail and overview. A close-up of a brush dusting an eyelid, the fold of fabric as the wedding dress is corseted by the hands of the maid of honor, flower girls watching the brides every move. Overviews of the room full of bridesmaids preparing themselves with children keeping themselves busy in the foreground. A nice touch to any album is a photograph of the bride in her gown in front of a window or balcony engulfed in soft white light. A clasp of jewelry against the back of the neck, it is important for us to find all the little things that help us show you the memories of your day together. All the little details cannot be planned for. If there is something we are overlooking while we work we are glad to have your input at any point throughout the day.

Once we have photographed the bride we move on to the location of the groom which is usually the location of the ceremony.


Photographing the Groom

Modern Art Photograph of the groomsmen preparing for the wedding in their own way tell the story of the groomsmen the best in my opinion. Each wedding is completely different from the next. The only lesson that can be learned is to be prepared for the unexpected. We could be photographing the groomsmen pinning boutonnières and clipping cigars in a rolling vineyard or we could be photographing the pull off a flask in the back of a massive cathedral. The best way to photograph the groomsmen is to catch it all as it happens and not intrude. In this method we will photograph all the true feeling with out adding any anxiety to your wedding day

With the immediate wedding party photographed we move on to the location of the ceremony.

Questions about portland wedding photography?

Contact us at Modern Art Photograph .


Photographing the Venue

At the ceremony site we begin with the location itself. A photograph of the venue with your guests beginning to gather at the door. A photograph of the venue full of guests is a nice contrast to the photograph of an empty ceremony site. The runner down the isle covered in flower petals is one of my favorite photos of the venue. The flowers and the officiate at the altar. A nice way to capture the rings can be very close shot of the two rings nestled in the brides bouquet with the venue sharply out of focus in the background.

After the fine details of the ceremony location have been photographed it should be just about time for the ceremony to begin.


Photographing the Wedding Ceremony

The ushers begin to seat the guests and the groomsmen enter it all happens so fast you will be so glad there is a photographer available to capture the event. The bride begins to walk down the isle (one of the best photos of the whole wedding). If the bride is walking slow enough I like a shot looking up and down the isle. The father lifts the veil and ceremony begins.

The guests are seated and the tears begin to flow. Each and every little detail is photographed for you, flower girls and ring bearers, the vows….. the rings….. and finally the kiss. Some couples fly back down the isle holding hands together and giggling like mad and some are in tears of joy. Either way this is a powerful photograph. None of these things can be staged or setup they will never happen again. Timing and the ability to anticipate your every move is the responsibility of a gifted wedding photographer. You can be confidant in knowing that you are working with a photographer who has photographed countless ceremonies each year that you are in good hands.

Of course each wedding will be a little different depending on your ceremony style or religious beliefs. If I have not photographed your particular wedding style or religious affiliation before I will contact the officiate in order to witness the specific ceremony type before photographing your wedding. It is important to know the order of events and what to expect as the ceremony unfolds.


Formal Wedding Photographs

When is the best time to shoot the formal photographs?

Some couples want to get all the formal portraits completed well before the ceremony begins giving them more time after the ceremony to spend with their guests. I like this approach but it can conflict with the custom of not seeing the bride before the ceremony. Before or after the ceremony, either way there is no wrong way to plan your wedding day. It’s all about what works best for you.

Formal photographs can be a little stiff some times without a little help. At Portland Wedding Photography Design we like to incorporate creative posing with some spontaneity. The fun loving attitude and life of your wedding party is what we are looking to capture in your formal photographs.


Wedding Reception Photography

This is where our photojournalist wedding photography style rises to the occasion. Spectacular use of light combined with exact timing paint such a beautiful story of your wedding reception.

The first dance can be shot in so many ways to evoke the strongest emotions. Silhouettes and close ups of the newlyweds photographed across a ballroom full of friends and family.

The Toast can be full of tears of joy as the hundreds of champagne glasses are lifted into the air to wish you well in your new life together.

The bouquet toss can be such a great photograph with the bride in a nice warm focus with the bouquet frozen just above the bridesmaids clamoring over each other in an elegant struggle.

The cake cutting photo seems to be transitioning over from a photo of the bride and groom cutting the cake to a dramatic almost iconic image of the wedding cake by itself, and who can blame anyone for wanting a magnificent photo of their wedding cake with the price of wedding cakes these days. Strong light and rich color and extra fine focus is the best way to show of your wedding cake in our opinion. Either way you choose we shoot it all and let you select from the best.


Wedding Photography Handling Time

How long will it take until I have my wedding photographs?

On the evening of your wedding your photos begin the editing process. Once the color corrections are complete and any unflattering photographs have been edited your photos will be uploaded to our proofing site where you may view all of your wedding photographs.

Once your wedding photographs have been edited we create your proof album. Proofs take a few days to put together in a way that best tells the story of your wedding. Most often your wedding proofs are in your hands within three weeks. It can vary a little depending on if they need to be shipped or not.

The next step can vary a little. Some albums are just straight photos added to the custom album of your choice. We prefer you as the client select the images that this type of album will contain.

The designed flush mount or lay flat coffee table albums that require graphic design and layout will be created by selecting a set of photo groups to best tell the story of your wedding. From here you are looking at about a week to receive your album.

Contact us at Modern Art Photograph for more info about finding a Portland Wedding Photographer.


Portland Wedding Photography coverage

The Engagement Photo shoot is my gift to you. I suggest a tapestry print or matted 16x20 to have at the shower or on display at the guest registry the day of your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Photos One or two hours of shooting is average before the wedding. Photos of everyone preparing for the ceremony, separate photographs of the bride and the groom, overview photos of the location, all the bridesmaids and best men. All the standard photos taken with that twist that makes your wedding unique.

Wedding Photos The ring bearers, your mother's tears of joy, the smirk on the best man's face, the nervous bridesmaids. All the little things you will want to remember forever are captured for you in a style you can appreciate.

Post Wedding Photos I typically shoot the wedding party immediately after the ceremony once the crowd has begun to filter out. The families like to get in on the fun here as well. These shots don't take long. The more creative we get, the more fun everyone has while we produce these photos together.

Reception Photos These images can create the character of the album. As everyone loosens up and the real life of the wedding comes together. The toast. Cutting the cake. The first dance. I will be there to capture all these special moments in a classic photojournalist shooting style combined with all the posed photographs your family will want to see as well.

My Commitment All of my wedding packages include an unlimited amount of shooting time. I believe it is important not to put a limit on the time I will be photographing your wedding, as the special moment we are all looking to capture may happen hours before the ceremony or near the end of your reception. Once as a guest at a friend's wedding, I saw the groom asking if someone had a camera to take a photo of himself and his father together. The photographer had completed her four hour commitment and had left, but the wedding party was just beginning to come to life. These are the moments I am strongly committed to capturing for your new family together.



If you like you can book with me over the phone in just a few moments.

The first step is to confirm your date.

Once we have a date scheduled we should sit down together and go over a few albums. Looking at past work is the best way to gauge what you will be coming away from the shoot with.

Weather its a wedding you are looking to book or a photographer for your next CD cover its important to see a few photo shoots from start to finish. See the good photos. See the bad photos. Its better for both of us to know a little about each other before we commit to a large project with the other.

We can sit down together in my studio or in your favorite coffee shop to look over the albums and discuss the style you are looking for.

A gentle reminder

Book early. Weekend shoots and summer dates can book years in advance.


National, International and Destination

Wedding Photographer

I am open to being your wedding photographer here in the Portland area and any other location in the United States or abroad. Outside the Portland area I add my travel expenses to the cost of your wedding package. These expenses include transportation food and lodging for myself and any assistants or additional photographers that your wedding may require.

Wedding Photography Styles and Techniques

It is not important to select a style before your wedding. Digital Wedding Photography allows us the luxury of selecting many traditional styles after you have selected the proofs. However, some of the shooting techniques I enjoy the most can only be performed while photographing your wedding. Please review this information and let me know if there is a style you are especially fond of.

Printing Styles

Color Prints Traditional color photographs are a solid foundation to any wedding album. Feel free to add your ideas about dropping out the color of all but the bride and groom or perhaps one flower.

Black and White Prints A classic look, a timeless feel, you are welcome to choose between both the smokey/dreamy and sharp focus styles

Sepia Tone Stunning antique qualities of brown and white.

Photography Techniques

Bokeh A Sharp focus subject contrasted by a dramatically out of focus background.

Contre-jour Silhouettes of the subject against a light source like a sunset or large window

Full spectrum and Infrared Infrared photography lends the look and feel of a freshly fallen snow on any outdoor scene. A perfect addition to any wedding package. Full spectrum photography combines the infrared spectrum with color photography in some truly unique ways.

High Dynamic Range Imaging Intense detail in both the bright and dark ends of the light spectrum.

Thirteen years of professional photography experience. Over twenty five thousand portraits taken. Hundreds of advertisements published in fashion trade publications and snowboard industry related magazines. I have now opened my studio to wedding photography in Portland, Oregon.

My approach as a Portland wedding photographer is warm and unobtrusive. Capturing your day as it happens. Allowing your day to revolve around you while quietly working around your party. Half the price of other photographers delivering on average 1000 images of your wedding recorded to CD in high resolution or in the custom wedding album of your choice. Compare my packages to other Portland wedding photographers.

My approach to advertisement photography is focused and exact. Well composed images are on your desktop prepared for layout on the day of the shoot.

Professionalism, attention to detail and reasonable prices are key in all of my work.

924 N Killingsworth Ct
Portland, OR 97217
ph: 503-481-7947
alt: By Appointment Only